Precise Nutrition Evaluation

Our Precise Nutrition Evaluation (PNE) service provides nutritionists and other feed ingredient professionals with the means to determine:

  • Total and digestible amino acids
  • Total and phytic phosphorus, and
  • Metabolisable energy of specific feed ingredients

Nutritional specifications of ingredients can change rapidly and without notice. Variations can occur due to growing and harvesting conditions, by-product types and sources, and manufacturing processes. PNE is a unique tool which provides swift understanding of specific nutritional values of feed ingredients for pigs and poultry.

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More accurate raw material sourcing

PNE provides nutritionists the ability to track, understand, and wisely use ingredient supplies.

More data to monitor feed production and animal performance

It greater enables nutritionists the ability to formulate diets according to specific performance goals ( weight, feed conversion, meat yield, etc.).

More accurate evaluation of the nutrients available for the animals

PNE better enables nutritionists to manage dietary costs through providing an understanding of nutrient profile of ingredients.

More accurate quality control

Greater traceability of nutrients provides more accurate quality assurance.
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